The North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR) is excited to announce the availability of a new grant program for communities to fund activities related to the upcoming America 250 commemoration. DNCR is leading the statewide effort to plan for the commemoration, and our goal is to energize broad, robust, and comprehensive programs across all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. 

We are fast approaching important anniversaries of key state and national events from the Revolutionary War period. April 12, 2026, marked 250 years since the Fourth Provincial Congress met in Halifax and passed a resolution that authorized its delegates to the Continental Congress to seek independence from the British. A few short months later all colonial representatives in Philadelphia passed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 2026, and a new nation was born. North Carolina will observe this anniversary with wide-ranging activities across a multi-year commemoration beginning April 12, 2024, with a focus on 2026. DNCR is planning a variety of activities, educational resources, and special events throughout the commemoration.

As DNCR fosters the commemoration statewide, we seek to generate a collaborative spirit across counties, municipalities, non-profit and tourism sectors, and civic organizations. The America 250 NC Grants are designed to spark programs and activities on a local level to create a memorable and meaningful commemoration. Our program field guide includes planning resources and ideas that may help you identify programs and activities that will resonate with your communities.

This new grant program is available to non-profit organizations and official county committees seeking to engage in America 250 NC programs and resource development on a local and regional level. Eligible projects include public art, educational activities, community events, exhibits, scholarly research, printed resources, and oral history projects, among a host of other activities. The America 250 NC team is available to help with questions about the grant program, the application, and award process, or any other related topics. Please reach out to our team email at and be sure to use AMERICA 250 NC GRANT in the subject heading.

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